OE and Rootfs

Complete newbie with regards to OE. I went through the getting
started tutorial and everything seems to work except that my rootfs
directory is empty. All of my bitbake commands are from the build
directory, but there is nothing in tmp/rootfs. Should it be empty? I
couldn't find any specific help on deploying. i.e. exactly which items
to place where on the SD card, like image, uboot and rootfs. I'm sure
this is a really simple misunderstanding.


Forgot to add that I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.

you should see compressed filesystem in build/tmp/deploy/glibc/images



The image is located at tmp/deploy/glibc/images
You need to put on the SD card following file
- MLO (X-Loader)
- u-boot.bin (u-Boot)
- uImage-xxx.bin (kernel)

The SD card needs to have two partitions, one if FAT32, one is EXT2 with
rootfs extracted. You can find on Beagleboard Wiki for getting start


Thanks for the information - i knew it would be something simple.
Wish they would note that in the OE getting started tutorial.