OE Image for Beagleboard

I am using the steps mentioned at below link to generate OpenEmbedded
based image for the beagleboard. http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardAndOpenEmbeddedGit
All steps are executed successfully and i am able to copy the root
file system and fat partition files on beagleboard, even though it
does not work on it.
I also tried steps at link http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/building-angstrom
again, still it does not work. Does anyone have tried this links or
have any idea what might be the reason of not working?

Just to make it work or verify it’s working you can build FS with online builder.
I have cloned OE repo and everything works fine with me.
Also U can use FS from online builder and required packages and kernel on your machine.


HI …

Beagle board console is not comming up…

Dear Bhargav:

I can confirm that a root filesystem from the online builder works for the Beagleboard. I can also confirm that building minimal-image, base-image, console-image and beagleboard-demo-image with oe all work when loaded onto an SD card per the wiki.

So, … I would suggest taking a step back, reviewing your recipe carefully, reading the wiki again and moving forward again carefully.


ah, that might answer one of my earlier posted questions -- what's
the recipe for building that downloadable (angstrom) image? and from
the above, it would appear to be "beagleboard-demo-image". i was
unaware of that target.


Its good that perhaps I was able to help. Let me pose a couple of questions that I am working on and maybe I can get some advice this morning.

In looking at this situation, it seems that one good path for forward motion is to pick an image, say “minimal-image” or “base-image”, copy its .bb file and use that as a working .bb to create a custom image for my project.

In researching how bitbake works with .bb files, I can see that “image” directory .bb files seem to include “task” directory .bb files with similar names. I assume that if I add a package to a top level .bb file, that it goes through the do_fetch and all the rest and ends up in the image in the correct place with any supporting links, daemon invocations and the like setup by the build process? Is this correct? Can I assume that some will work and others not work depending on the ‘zealousness’ of the person that added a package to OE?

And second, one of the things I need to figure out is how to update software on a custom board using an OMAP3503 that we are designing. This custom board will act like a USB camera (amongst other things) and I need a way to update the software on our custom board via the USB connection.

This would be analagous to plugging a BeagleBoard into a hostPC, enumerating UVC, HID and perhaps other endpoints and using the other endpoint to send files from the HostPC to the BeagleBoard to do a software update.

I wonder if anyone can offer a few suggestions for research along this line.


yes, it forced me to look once again at how and where targets are
defined, and just to clarify that i'm looking in the right place, i
perused the OE file contrib/angstrom/build-release.sh, to see snippets

for machine in simpad om-gta01 c7x0 nokia800 htckaiser beagleboard dht-walnut efika qemux86
for machine in overo omap3-pandora beagleboard ...
        BUILD_TARGETS="initramfs-bootmenu-image base-image console-image minimal-gpe-image x11-image"
for machine in spitz overo omap3-pandora beagleboard omap3evm
        BUILD_TARGETS="x11-gpe-image x11-pimlico-image x11-office-image"

where, if i recall correctly, those assignments are *accumulating*
targets based on the machine type. so now i have a full(?) list of
defined BB targets for angstrom, am i interpreting all that correctly?


Dear Robert:

I am relatively new to OE and bitbake (about 3 weeks) and in my naivety, I started at the other end. That is, I started at local.conf, then the …/recipes/images/ directory with the image I was building with "bitbake .

After looking at recipes/images/minimal-image.bb, base-image.bb, x11-image.bb and beagleboard-demo-image.bb, I can see that these all include similarly named .bb files in the ‘tasks/’ directory along with lots of other conf and other files.

Getting back to your question, I would expect that the configuration would resolve to one and only one MACHINE and one and only one BUILD_TARGET, but perhaps the real answer lies in understanding the hundreds of environment variables defined in bitbake of which I have only scratched the surface in three weeks.

This is complicated a bit for me by the fact that I have both a BeagleBoard and am omap3evm I am studying and the TI folks provide a CD and a link to “arago”, which is another version of the OE tree with slightly different set of files and recipes. So, I need to puzzle both.

I am currently trying to figure out why, with the omap3evm, when I add a package such as “omap-demo” to …/tasks/task-arago-base.bb in its “ARAGO_BASE” variable, why the package doesnt get included in the build for “bitbake arago-base-image”.