Ogre 3D for beagleboard


   Do anyone know if the orgre 3D library works on beagle board. I
have seen some nice video showing the beagle board 3D capabilities so
it would be nice to be able to use orgre 3D on it.

Thanx for your answers.


Beagle's OMAP3530 support OpenGL ES, not OpenGL, but according to this


It seems like people have make it run on OGLES.

Then the question is, can Ogre 3D work on OpenGL ES?



You would need to create a rendermanager similar to what has been done
for Vincent3d on WinCE and then configure. Based on past experience
however, an engine written for opengl will have to be compromised when
ported to opengl ES.

Another point is Ogre3d does not fully use ES2.0 and its shaders yet,
and is still very much fixed function. SGX on OMAP3 supports the full
programmable pipeline and shaders per the es2.0 spec.

You can pick up the vincent3d renderer from