Okay...I see Armbian is Available for the TDA4VM.

Hello Again…one will be BBAI-64 and two will be the beaglev-ahead for this matter.

  1. BeagleBone AI-64
a. Does u-boot work with mainline?
b. Does the Linux kernel work on 6.1.78 LTS?   # sort of a yes in this case and even newer kernels build
c. Where can I retrieve the data about load address with offset(s) for u-boot mainline?
d. Has anyone figured out how to build Armbian for the BBAI-64 boasting the TDA4VM?
e. I am currently trying with the BBAI-64 to port Armbian since their system notifying me of the opportunity.
  1. BeagleV-Ahead
a. I can build the SBI but what exact SBI are people using that may or may not work so far?
b. Does u-boot work with the BeagleV-Ahead and which versioning are people trying?
c. I can build u-boot almost but it calls for some load addresses that surprised me...
d. The kernel for mainline works in the build under ARCH and CC for RISCV and compiler.
e. Does anyone know of how to account for the load address in u-boot?

The reason I am being so nosy are these ideas…

Easy…no. Correcting a broken build…useful at times. One without a defconfig…no more u-boot support.


P.S. Anyway, I will keep trying and if anyone has any pointers…

  1. BBAI-64 with u-boot load addresses would be valuable to me.
  2. BeagleV-Ahead with u-boot load addresses would also be a big winner.
  3. I will keep up trying with Armbian, i.e. I lost a good portion of a years time on it. Still looking for answers to vital questions…mostly load addresses and final value defconfig types.


So, even though I had questions I figured could be answered with swiftness, they are mostly incorrect questions outside of the u-boot functionality…

Also, why are only four GPIO pins allocated? Is this a hold on supportive features for now or did I miss the meet and greet?


P.S. I know the board is using the SBI from RISCV online. So, no issue. The pieces are a bit overwhelming for just me. So, I am reaching out once more. Um, is there a plan to port the RISCV arch to something in u-boot currently or is it left to the kernel and hacking?

I mean…I would not even know where to start:

  1. Schulz-how-to-support-new-board-u-boot-linux.pdf is something I found from elinux.org which is nice but only 40 pages and a bit dated. Did anyone update this recently or does it still verifiably hold true?
  2. Grab the ole th1520.pdf wherever it is and hack to hack-a-thon?

Still trying to get direction here. I am full to the brim of questionnaires and lots of time (probably). And again…