Old News and New News/BBB and Kernels


I am new to ideas once again. With all the changes and keeping up slowly, I am at a standstill right now…

  1. Old News
    A. BBB
    B. Does anyone want to update, beagleboard.org people mostly here or others if mentioned, or upgrade to newer kernels, DTS files, and u-boot for specific images?
    C. I see that 5.10.x-ti-unified is good and working and I was seeing if the newer kernels, without poking around recently, carries the am335x style of Beagleboard.org SoC and SiP boards with the updated kernels.

  2. New News
    A. Nice set of boards recently but where are all the ideas relative to them…
    B. I am searching ideas online and not finding what I would find from older boards like the BBB.
    C. None in particular, outside of the BeagleV-Ahead, BeagleV-Fire, and BeagleBone-AI64, but in general is how I am searching.

  3. I keep reading how people, general use people like me and others I am sure, can make strides to prevent older and newer boards from disintegrating in time.
    A. Like me, I have not come across a way to make income from working with boards, I am sure other people may want to learn how to use some type of talents in their field of choice.
    B. How would utilizing a board with Yocto work out in the field of, say, gas sensing and/or liquid measuring?
    C. Would, for instance, I even use Yocto or would I use Buildroot for making kernels, u-boot or whatever for booting, kernel FS use, and how would I go about this idea?

I have been building kernels, u-boot, and the offered DTS files from beagleboard.org and kernel.org and so on for some time but I am missing valuable evidence…

  1. The evidence I am missing is all related to how FS works.
  2. I have read how to put a small build together to a certain point.
  3. I am no magician or superior user yet. I am just still learning.

And this why, 1 - 3 from just above and not the Old News and New News tally, I am writing to understand more. Does a Debian Distro constitute for more FS usage with ease or is Yocto too hard to port onto a board for usage? By usage here, I mean for using GPIO and other peripherals available on the Beagleboard.org branded merchandise with TI chips and the newer boards without the TI chips like the PolarFire and TH1520.

General, yes. Obvious ways to overcome my lack of understanding by you, yes. To me, not so much, I think a well rounded understanding is okay but not technical enough to handle what is available.

Is there anyone in the WWW that still holds face-to-face or online-to-face particulars that a group can reside into for learning more?

I mean…not pushing the .org, beagleboard.org, to take 100% of the wrench here but I think it would be neat for income attempts if there were enough people on board with an idea like this one.

Not so much of a school setting but a…dang it. What are they called? Not tutors…

Dang…okay. Well, just some ideas to float around and get grounded over here. Seminar maybe but that is not the actual term I am describing. Work-based initiatives is close but not the actual phrasing.

Anyway, thank you for reading if you did…


P.S. So, from newer kernels on the BBB for instance to work based programs for people looking to learn, group work maybe, I am just trying to understand how to go about learning more.

I have seen some programs like with Udemy but I am not sure if they are 100% based around beagleboard.org nor are they even registered with being able to use your Logo on specific tasks revolving around the kernel, u-boot, and newer building for specific boards like the BeagleV-Ahead/Fire.

I saw some traveling ideas from a company but it seemed like it was too popular for me to handle. Parties and things are not my way of having fun. That is me…and. Well, if some person or a couple of people could teach particulars involving Linux kernel builds with or without Yocto/Buildroot, I think that would be good.

I saw the older models of such an action with building around the am335x. I am not asking for first permissions but a group of people with like minds for whom are basing their learning around Linux and specific chips or a general chip idea if possible.

Blah. Okay, that is all for now.

To one of the posted ideas…

  1. With kernel 6.7.2, Beagleboard.org and I am guessing solely over looking and searching, the am335x style of boards are listed and bone-buses are available.

  2. But…how would I try to build around something without support? Does entity want to support it any longer or is it solely for users like me to try to achieve and carry on tasks?


P.S. One way to figure things out…I understand. I will make time but without insight or guidance from external sources, I am still NEW to kernel building, u-boot, and/or other ideas.

Peripheral access is nice when granted, I am not taking this lightly, but will the updated kernels be updated with DTS from the org? This is what I am getting at partially. Also, for anyone guessing here like I like to do every so often, I see the /riscv/ files have the th1520-beaglev-ahead.dts in it!

If you have an excellent board support package it is a very good way to go for certain projects. In our case it is, for the most part if you are trying to get something up quickly use the deb image that RCN provides. That is the best solution. Yocto is excellent if you have the time and need for it.

If I could turn my time invested into money I would most certainly get more involved and do some projects. It just takes so much time, way too much BS to sift thru to get an answer with some of this stuff.

As far as upgrading the kernels, everyone is better off running the proven older kernels.

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No issue,

Thank you for replying. Although I dislike what you are telling me and this does get in the way of me learning more, okay and fine.

I usually just say Yay to whatever and have a go of it.


P.S. I can use stuff that is a given. No issue there or at all really. I am thinking of users like me who want to learn more in time without the stress of fighting the cure (I guess). It is like what I do is stagnating on whatever others are doing. I know I do not have these boards manufactured or have any say so in the matter. So, with that idea, okay… No issue and thank you.

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If you want to get good with Yocto, you should buy some of the books. Most of the stuff on the internet is stale or leads you down a rabbit hole intentionally. It does take time, I don’t use it everyday and it evaporates very quickly. Not having a printed manual for it compounds the issue, all they have is a mega-manual that is in html. If they had a pdf that I could have printed out and bound that would be so much better for those using it.

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