OLED interface

i wanted to interface OLED(4.3") with the beagle board(REV C3). i planning to use LCD header pins for RGB 24 bit parallel inerfacing. do i need to configuer MUX for this or i can draw the pin directly from LCD header?. please kindly assist me.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Sathi,

Before answering it is important to know the exact type of the display in question. Then you can find the data sheet of the device and see the electrical specification (logic levels, timing, and backlight details).

Only when you have that data you can design the actual interconnection. Remember that BeagleBoard expansion levels are 1.8 volts and the display may require 3.3 or even 5 volt drive. You may need a level translating buffer such as SN74LVC8T245 between the two.

So start by finding out what is needed!