omap-image-builder / missing partition table


Im trying to make a custom image but im not able to make omap-image-builder works, when i load the img file with etcher i get a “missing partition table” warning and sd wont boot.

Here its what im doing:

1. clone omap-image-builder repo
GitHub - RobertCNelson/omap-image-builder: omap image builder

2. ./ -c configs/

3. cd to deply/debian-blablablaba

4. sudo ./ --img-4gb mydebian --dtb beaglebone --distro-bootloader --enable-cape-universal --enable-uboot-disable-pru --enable-bypass-bootup-scripts

Then it create a img file that its what im trying to burn to sdcard-

I did this in the past without problem but maybe im missing any point?

What version of etcher? The latest pre releases have been bugged for awhile. Etcher GitHub issues tracker

Mmmmm im using an old one balenaEtcher-1.18.4-x64 on ubuntu

okay using… 1.18.12 here, that one should be safe… What is your Distro host when build the *.img file.?

Im running ubuntu 22.04, will try with same etcher version as you.

EDIT: get same etcher as you, redid the image procedure and looks promissing, no etcher warning now. Thanks!

Whats the way to make the image to autoflash¿

add: --emmc-flasher


Thank you.

Also why if i boot with my created image and i set enable-beagle-flasher i get an error because cant create file because is a read only filesystem and if i do the same with an ready made image i can, what can be the difference¿

idk… i’d start with comparing /etc/fstab and your boot args, cat /proc/cmdline doubt there is any difference…


But it must be something im doing wrong while creating the image because i create several and the same happened.

sudo ./ --img-4gb mydebian --dtb beaglebone --distro-bootloader --enable-cape-universal --enable-uboot-disable-pru --enable-bypass-bootup-scripts

Im missing something in this command that can cause this behaviour?

Nope looks fine… the only thing really left is… Any Debian 12.x assumptions vs Ubuntu 22.04…


You mean any difference in the host machine (ubuntu 22.04) where i built the image vs where those is tested (debian 12)¿

Main thing is that then how i can flash my image to the emmc? will try setting --emmc-flasher flag to see if i can then flash it



I mean, i only run my omap-image-builder in my ci farm… This is a mixture of Debian x86, Debian 32bit armhf and Debian 64 arm64… All running Debian 12.x at this point. Only thing left really is to figure out what difference might be in the Ubuntu 22.04 vs Debian 12.x user-space tools that my script uses…


Yes I express myself wrong, that’s what I was trying to tell .

Let me know if I can help somehow!!!


Just did a new image adding the flag --emmc-flasher and then it hangs booting just when tux logo appears, so no luck to flash it


Any update on this?