omap-image-builder question


I want to make a custom debian image, so i
cd omap-image-builder
./ -c

And later

cd tools
sudo ./ --img-2gb am335x-debian-11.7-minimal-armhf-2023-06  --dtb beaglebone --distro-bootloader --enable-cape-universal --enable-uboot-disable-pru --enable-bypass-bootup-scripts

But i get

0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes copied, 0,000104699 s, 0,0 kB/s
U-Boot Overlays Enabled...

That don’t seems ok and also no img is created, obviously i’m doing something wrong… any clue?


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One thing that jumps out in the ./ script is the first argument, i.e. --img-2gb.

I say this only b/c most of the images are larger than 2GB.


P.S. Now, I am sure the owner of the repo will definitely prove me wrong in more ways than one. I will be watching to see how this transpires. I am interested in omap-image-builder.git too.

Don’t use the ‘’ under tools, use the “packaged” archived version under deploy…

Edit, background, it’s looking for all the relative project files from when you ran…



Thanks, its working!

I get the 2gb param from here, i asume is because its a minimal image no desktop

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Im curious about those names in configs. there seems to be:

  • eewiki_minfs_********
  • octavo-debian *******
  • octavo-debian ******

What those means and why there is that classification? Also is there something like a “stable or master or whatever is called” config/kernel version.

Thanks images
eewiki → generic rootfs builds i use for day job: Linux Guides - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key
ocatvo → test builds for

For “stable” branches, right now that’s v4.19.x-ti (buster) and 5.10.x-ti (bullseye)… probably going to target 6.1.x-ti for (bookworm for the end of june…)


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