OMAP3 pin mux and boot stability

I had a look to

"<koen> booting improved when enabling the CONFIG_OMAP_MUX, but that kills ehci"

from yesterdays IRC [1].

Koen: Can you please try to delete the line

MUX_CFG_34XX("AA8_3430_USB2HS_TLL_CLK", 0x5f0,

in file arch/arm/mach-omap2/mux.c and check if ehci is still broken if you enable CONFIG_OMAP_MUX?

Looking to HW manual [2] at

Figure 34. Host USB Port Design

and uboot pin mux

MUX_VAL(CP(ETK_D10_ES2), (IDIS | PTU | EN | M4)) /*GPIO_24*/

#define CONTROL_PADCONF_ETK_D10_ES2 0x05F0

at Beagle 0x05F0 has to be configured for GPIO and not HSUSB2_TLL as kernel pin mux does.

If this works for you, we have to check which kernel pin mux config is correct for beagle and which causes the boot improvement.