Now I'm stuck building this module. I tried to download
I went through the registration page & TI sent me a download
pointer, but this page did not yield a download (the page _says_
that it's downloading my file, but it's not).

I noticed that the TI public pages have an earlier version
Can this be used instead?

Perhaps there's some other way to get the version,
since I can't figure out what I've done wrong and there seems
to be nothing but non-responsive robots handling these requests
(in other words, I can't find a real person to ask about this)

I sure hope all this is worth it (using the full OMAP capabilities)
as it sure is hard to get there!

When you're having problems downloading SGX stuff from the TI site, complain on the E2E forums and complain loudly. Management reads those forums, so the more people complain there, the better the chance is that that download process gets improved.



Where are the E2E forums? I've no experience with them - I've
only downloaded the minimal stuff from TI so far.

I can only answer that with:

Hi Gary, these can be a pain to find sometimes, use this link...


Thanks, that finally got me a URL out of the robots that works :slight_smile:
Now downloading the 382MB package.