Omap3530 and CH (configuration header) after POR


I'm working on a project to minimize the boot time for BeagleBoard-C4.
For this, I'm using the technique described here:
It uses the CH (configuration header) to configure the clock settings,
SDRAM, (CHSETTINGS, CHRAM sections.. etc).. then it loads the image to
SDRAM directly.

The booting works file ONLY if the USR button is pressed AND no SD/MMC
card attached (power-on or not)
It selects MMC if I have the card inserted (as expected).
Also, it works if the "reset" command is issued from u-boot shell (sw

As described in TRM &, it
should boot from NAND by default.

With power-on reset it doesn't even show the "40W" message (from RBL)

I'm trying to understand why the ROM code doesn't work with CH after
power-on reset.
Would you please kindly help me with this issue ?