I am new to Beagle and linux in general. I am having two
problems whenattempting to set up DSPLINK.

I have built a kernel using the Beagle_omap configuration file and it
is runningwith the ALSA Filesystem on the board. I have built the
dsplink.ko and the lpmko as well and I can load them using insmod. I
ran lsmod and it looks as if theyare loaded and /dev/dsplink is

[root@OMAP3EVM ti-dsplink]# lsmod
Module Size Used by Not tainted
lpm_omap3530 6321 0
dsplinkk 237949 1 lpm_omap3530

Question 1) However when I try to using the cache clearing
executables(lpmON.lpmOFF )I get the following error message.

[root@OMAP3EVM bin]# ./lpmON.x470uC
==== LPM ON Test ====
app: LPM_open
Error: LPM_open failed

The lpm seems to be loaded though, I can see it in /dev

[root@OMAP3EVM /dev]# ls -l lpm*
brw-rw---- 1 253, 0 Jan 1 00:00 lpm0

I have looked in the forum and no-one seems to have reported this so I
amassuming I have done something pretty stupid.

Question 2) When I run ./messagegpp message.out 1000 I get the
following error.

[root@OMAP3EVM cmd_compiled]# ./messagegpp message.out 1000
========== Sample Application : MESSAGE ==========
Entered MESSAGE_Create ()
dsplink driver open: /dev/dsplink: No such device or address
PROC_setup () failed. Status = [0x80008008]
Leaving MESSAGE_Create ()
Entered MESSAGE_Delete ()
Assertion failed (IS_VALID_MSGQ (msgqQueue)). File : msgq.c Line : 478
MSGQ_release () failed. Status = [0x8000800b]
Assertion failed (((drvObj != NULL) && (IS_OBJECT_VALID (drvObj,
SIGN_DRV)))||1Assertion failed (IS_VALID_MSGQ (msgqQueue)). File :
msgq.c Line : 329
Leaving MESSAGE_Delete ()

My loadmodules script uses mknod

# insert DSP/BIOS Link driver

Trying using the prebuild angstrom kernel, dsplink and lpm first

wild guess but maybe the error code would shed some light?
can you run it under gdb somehow or change the code to print
the error code?