OMAP35xx with PoP memory on top of it

Hello everyone!

Could anyone points me out where I can get the bundled-package of
"OMAP35xx with PoP memory on top of it"? I need to design something
similar with beagle-board and use the same "processor-memory-
configuration". I have difficulties to poke company that has service
for mounting the memory on top of OMAP35xx.



Hi Dio,

There are two normal ways of doing POP

1) Place and solder lower device on PCB
   Place and solder upper device on top of lower device

2) Place lower device on PCB
   Place upper device on top of lower device
   Solder both in one run

The option you suggest soldering the two devices first and then mounting
both to the PCB I have never heard about. That being said it might work, but
I have never heard about anybody using that technique... It might be hard to
predict the exact placing of the lower device balls when it's "picked up" by
the upper device?

Any ordinary modern PCB assembly house should be able to do POP, but they
simply just don't know, since they haven't tried. It really doesn't contain
a lot of magic except of the fine-pitch control and the ability to place a
BGA at another Z-axis location than 0 mm...

I hope this helps you in the right direction? - Best regards - Good luck

This process it not highly recommended. You are likely to have issues doing this. The important aspect is thet the PCB soldermask is perfect. Otherwise you will end up with shorts and opens. So, no mater what process you use, if this is wrong, you will have problems.

These people can mount the two parts together, but the results may not be what you expect.

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