OpenCV DSP Acceleration: Weekly Report 4

Hi All,

Please find my weekly report below. It can also be found at . Also, if you have any idea than could you please help me on my blockers.

Could you look why cmake adds -Wno-dev to a path? I succesfull built opencv today in OE. I bumped the SRCREV to 3217 after that, could you give that a try please? That should bring you up to current opencv trunk.



And as a general rule for each student, please DO NOT wait until the weekly to mention blockers, but send your problem description to this list IMMEDIATELY so we can help out to solve that blocker.

I find it scary that we're a few weeks into GSoC now and one or more students haven't been able to build their project and it only gets noticed due to the weekly. I think we should discuss this during todays meeting, Jason, could you add it to the agenda please?