OpenCV Error


I am currently having a problem when I try to install an OpenCV
program I created on a laptop. Before I was using a different OS for
the beagleboard, which would work with OpenCV. However, my Logitech
9000 webcam would not show up as video0 so I switched.

Now the camera shows up as video0 with a different OS, however, the
following error occurs when I try to install my program:

root@beagleboard:~# opkg install facetrack21_1.0-r0.6_armv7a.ipk
Installing facetrack21 (1.0-r0.6) to root...
Collected errors:
* ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for facetrack21:
         * libopencv-core2.1 * libopencv-imgproc2.1 * libopencv-
highgui2.1 *

Any ideas?

I am now using:



Thanks a lot.



The error indicates that you do not have those OpenCV libraries on your Beagleboard. You can install these libraries using the opkg command (assuming you have a working internet connection on your BB). For example,

opkg install libopencv-core2.1

You can also check the Angstrom Package Repo to see what libraries are available (search for opencv)



I don't have an internet connection on the beagleboard right now. What
I tried to do was copy the ipk files from the laptop to the
beagleboard then do opkg install. I got the same error when I tried to
do that. I'm hoping it was a 2.1.0 file.

I will try your advice when I'm back with the beagleboard.

Thanks for your help.