OpenCV experiences on Angstrom and Ubuntu

I’m hoping to have a few resources listed here for people looking to install OpenCV on Angstrom, to make it easier for others to find what they need. Also, on whether opencv is easier to develop for angstrom or ubuntu.
I’m looking for this information for myself as well, since i have only a few links so far that are a bit helpful. There hasn’t been a master link that goes through it all as far as i could find.

Any other links or information welcome.

This is BB, not BBB, some info might be useful!topic/beagleboard/Smysj-UjYfE

This is BBB!topic/beagleboard/rIkQYTEFrEI

No need to install opencv in angstrom on the beaglebone white and black, since it's already pre-installed.