OpenCV installation on BBB Debian Linux-steps

I want to perform Image processing tasks in BBB which runs Debian Linux… so I need to install OpenCV on BBB… It seems i should install cmake in prior… I dont have direct internet connection to my BBB… I tried to download OpenCV from as a ZIP file and i copied it to BBB using pendrive…Can anyone please guide me how to install cmake on BBB?? i tried to download cmake and ended up in incomplete build… please help me … your ideas will be really appreciated

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You only need cmake on your BBB if you are compiling on it, I personally prefer to cross compile in a most powerful computer and after that send the binaries to the target, in this case BBB.
If you dont know how to do that perhaps a little investigation is the way to solve it.

For cmake on your BBB
tar xzf cmake-2.8.11.tar.gz
cd cmake-2.8.11
make install

For this you need developer packages on your BBB, which increment your footprint.

By the way, you should probably only post on one thread and no all threads that say OpenCV, just to keep conversations clean.

–Allan Granados