OpenCV on beableBoard


I'm doing a project of pattern recognition using opencv and I want to
embedded this on a Beagleboard. So I'm looking for someone who can
help me to instal opencv on Beagleboard.
If you have some link or if you can advise me I would appreciate.

thanks in advance.


Have a look here

2011/7/5 Pierre-André LOSA <>

The Narcissus/Angstrom webpage has options for including everything
you need to cross-compile an openCV app from a Linux (Ubuntu) host.

Hi Arun, hi Mark,

Thanks for your answers.

I have others questions?
I would like to know if the beaglagleboard have the adequate
computational power for a pattern recognition program?
Have you allready implemented openCV's programs on a beagleboard?
Are they programs for image processing ?
do they run well on the board?

In my case, my recognition program uses functions like
cvHaarDetectObjects and some pretreatments like background
substraction, colors convertion, pictures filters...
And these functions are used a lot in my program so I want to be sure
that it will run well on the board.

best regards


I havn’t tried any openCV stuff myself
see the below demonstrations/project

2011/7/6 Pierre-André LOSA <>