OpenVPN Client on Beaglebone Black, Asus Router as AP


I've been working for a few weeks to get setup with a VPN at my house. I currently have an Asus AC-1900P, but due to OpenVPN not utilizing hardware NAT acceleration of the router (that's my understanding, at least), my VPN speed maxes around 25/10 mb/s. I have 100/10 mb/s service. People recommend configuring other devices with OpenVPN client and use the Asus Router as an access point to obtain the full connected ISP speed.

I have a Beaglebone Black leftover from a college senior project a few years ago that I would like to utilize for this purpose.

I've seen some posts regarding OpenVPN setup, but they're few and far between it seems. They also don't post results. Is there anyone here who has done this and can provide a guide or the results they've had?

I was able to get the Beaglebone Black working for my senior project, but it's been about four years and is the only Linux device I've configured. For all intents and purposes of this discussion, I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to this thing. Any help would be appreciated.