OpenWrt in BBB

Hi everybody!!

I managed to install OpenWrt in the Beaglebone Black. I am using the kernel version 3.14. The thing is that after adding all the needed libraries, when I’m plugging the ASUS USB-N13 wifi adapter the BBB is not detecting the adapter. Even if I try with any USB device (stick, wifi adapter…) nothing is displayed in dmesg. I’ve checked that all the libraries are built-in the kernel, and they are updated to the latest versions. I’ve read that some people had some issues with it and that it freezes when pluggiong. but in my case OpenWrt keeps on working but it never detects anything on the USB host side (the USB host is supported by my kernel configuration…).

Does anyone have some insights which can be the problem and the way to fix it?

I would really appreciate some help!!