opkg usage

Hello all,
First of all, I am extremely new to linux and beagleboard...

When I use 'opkg install gdb' (for example), i have gdb on my machine
ready for use but when i restart my beagle the program is not there.

How do i make the installation permanent?

Why does sometime the 'opkg update' simply seems to be stuck?
Is it just internet traffic?

Thanks in advance...

I suspect this is because you are using the demo distro which is a ram filesystem so when you reboot you lose state.

Yes, that's probably why.
So in order to download permanent stuff I have to create a new MINI SD
card (it's a Beagleboard-xm)?
Is there no way to do that by using my MINI SD that came with the

My card was write-protected as I got it, which is fine with me. I have lots of other cards and like having a known good instance.
It took me sometime to make a bootable image, but I finally did it from an ooeb build I made myself and following the instructions on creating and building the card.

My board is an -xM A2 build. Memory has an ! or i on it depending on how you look at it.


Read the sticker. 00 is Micron and 01 is the Numonyx. It is an ā€œiā€ and for those that do not know, that is the logo for Intel, which means Numonyx.