Optee support on beagleV board

Does this board support Optee
& I am intrested to ordr thsi borad to experemient with the board
how to get this borad order .

Thanks In advane

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Satish G

@Akira has some insights into OP-TEE on RISC-V.

There is currently no way to pre-order, but I will update this group once the product launch of BeagleV Starlight is closer.

ok thank you for quick reply
@akira, can I have reference links/ for the OPTEE support in RISCV

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Satish G

@satish_kumar You can find the official page BeagleBoard.org - BeagleV, Getting Started with BeagleV™ - StarLight Getting Started with BeagleV™ - StarLight - Seeed Wiki, and you can find the community discussion at https://forum.beagleboard.org/c/beaglev

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fine, will go through it.
Thank you for quick reply

We don’t have any information about OP-TEE which is why I was hoping @Akira would jump in with some information.

Here is a talk that Akira gave:

@satish_kumar @DrewFustini
Sorry for the late reply. I have made presentation at several conferences of our activity. It has been taking reasonable time but it is not released to the public to be able to use our software stack for various reasons on our AIST side. Please wait for an update, it may take several months.
In the meantime, the Keystone Enclave by UC Berkeley has a different API from OPTEE but it is the closest to what we could use on RISC-V. The Keystone works perfectly on our place and it is a great project.

This is longer version of the talk at Open Source Summit

Link to the Keystone


Thank you!

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ok great, thank you
will go through it

Thanks & Regards
Satish G

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