OS for BBB

Hey folks,

Which OS do you guys use for BeagleBone? And can you mention why you like it?

I use Angstrom solely for the Bonescript library and because it supports my MT7601 based WiFi dongle without much hassle.

I run my pentesting distro, The Deck, which is based on Ubuntu because I can use multiple Beagles to hack clients from up to a mile away.

I would say Arch or ArchAssault depending on what uses you want from your OS. There are tons of options out there

Which OS do you guys use for BeagleBone? And can you mention why you like it?

I use Minix. I like it because it’s open source (BSD licensed), got a great community, and is easy to develop/customize.

More info here: http://wiki.minix3.org/DevelopersGuide/MinixOnARM

So, just reading the above link for minix which i thought sounded interesting. However . . .





No Audio

Seems to be also based on ARMEL Someone correct me if wrong here.

All of the above are important in my book. With the exception of audio. Also, no mention of UART ( but does mention tty (Terminal) ) ?

Anyhow, I use Debian. Firstly because I have had years of experience with Debian on the desktop. Secondly Debian is very well documented all over the internet. An answer in 90% of cases is only a google session away - when needed. Also, a good bit of the community here uses / supports it.

The first reason above is the major reason I use Debian. In a word: Familiarity

I should also point out that in the PC / x86 world Debian is know to be very solid / stable. MY experiences with Debian on the Beaglebone black has been no different.

William, which version are you using. I’m new (3 days) to BBB and loaded wheezy 7.2 last night. So far so good.


I use Robert Nelsons kernel with custom kernel settings via menuconfig. E.G. I follow his compile from source instructions. Last I paid attention to version I think it was 7.1. I have been waiting some for the 3.12.x / 3.13.x kernel to settle down some.