osx 10.11.3 connectivity problem - HoRNDIS?

I have been using OSX 10.11.3 for several months. I had a problem with my BeagleBone Black and had to replace it. When I went to boot using USB connection, it seemed to work several times. Then it stopped connecting and the Mac no longer sees I found website of Joshua Wise in which he describes problems with HoRNDIS driver (apparently he maintains it) with El Capitan.

Has anyone else had problems with El Capitan?

Has anyone else had problems with El Capitan?

It has been a known issues for many months now, that do not apply only to this hardware. It applies to any hardware that uses USB as an ethernet device ( g_ether ). So Android phones, embedded hardware, etc are all effected.

I have resisted putting on El Capitan. Because of all the connectivity problems it has had, and apparently STILL has.
I am still at Yosemite for this reason.

Got new HoRNDIS driver from joshua wise and it all seems to be working
https://nyus.joshuawise.com/HoRNDIS-rel8pr1.pkg and it seems to be working now.