[OT] my online linux kernel programming course for beginners

yes, i'm aware this is massively off-topic but given the type of
membership here, i figured a few people might be interested.

  for lots of reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture
(obligatory "due south" reference there), i'm writing and publishing
an online course for people interested in learning *basic* linux
kernel programming. here it is:


  as you can see, it's not free -- i freely admit that it's a
commercial venture on my part although, with a princely sum of $39 a
student for registration, i don't expect to get rich off of this. (at
the moment, i'm just hoping to break even given how much time and
money i've put into it so far.)

  also, a number of the lessons are freely available so potential
students are welcome to check things out at no risk whatsoever before
deciding whether or not they want to invest in it. what's already up
there is about half of the entire course, i'm still writing the
remaining topics.

  in any event, i won't ramble on much longer -- if you want to know
more, drop me a note or just read the web pages describing the course
and work through the first few lessons to see what you think. (again,
it's an *introductory* course, keep that in mind.)

  if this course "works" in the sense of making it worth my while, i'd
want to write some followups -- maybe a course in kernel debugging,
maybe on writing a simple USB driver, that sort of thing, one *very*
specific topic per course, complete with labs and homework, that sort
of thing.

  finally, all my marketing is done through word-of-mouth and the
kindness of people who think this is a worthwhile venture, so if you
have a blog or website or twitter account or forum and want to mention
that course to others, that would be delightful -- i can always use
the publicity.

  and on that note, i will shut up now and go back to updating that
beagleboard validation page. *that* i do for free.