Outgassing Testing

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Has there been any outgassing/offgassing testing done on the beaglebone black for space applications?

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Not that I have seen. I have not noticed any outgassing testing being done openly. Now, that last sentence does not speak for the entirety of users of the boards…


  1. i2c is available on the BBB and other am335x styled SoCs and SiPs boards.
  2. i2c and UART peripherals are available too on the BBB and other boards…
  3. I am sure someone has tried to and successfully registered some source for this particular instance.

Now, can I find it. No, I have not searched for it. @Stpdquesaplenty , currently I am testing for CO2 via emitter and Infineon sensor.

Now, CO2 is something I wanted to test for pure delight. I am close but I will need to tweak the source some more…


P.S. I can read more about outgassing if necessary. I see that it is the accumulation of solids made from the gasses in a restricted area. What peripherals are thinking of using for your sensor(s)?


I am sort of correct here. There is a adsorbed portion of gasses, not space related, that adhere to a substrate (for instance). Is this substrate for space travel or are you testing an adsorbed piece of gas on something other than a substrate?

Like, vacuuming? Will you be testing on vacuuming seals and/or pipe?


P.S. For anyone else interested, please read the spec: ASTM E595.

More information:

My project would put a SBC like the BBB in space. So in other words a vacuum at extreme temperatures.

Some things to consider in this environment:

  1. Outgassing
  2. Radiation

My question specifically is around the gassed that would be emitted from the BBB pcb and components in a vacuum. Nasa has published outgassing standards for space application of materials.

It seems logical that at some point someone would have done outgassing testing on a BBB.


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Good luck,

I think someone did or has done it. That is just a thought. I hope you can find someone with this amount of data.

If in doubt, test things!


P.S. I know space is far away but if there are other vacuums you can test on, this may prove valuable because of all the I/O on the BBB and other boards from beagleboard.org. I wish you luck. I am sorry. I can no longer be of service (I think).

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@Stpdquesaplenty ,

I know I probably know nothing about what you are trying to accomplish. Okay but every so often, you might want to reestablish your post with new docs. and ideas for others to view it.

I am not sure if specifics should be revealed but if you share more, I am sure others may understand a bit more too.

If not, that is okay by me. I just want to reiterate the point of posting. Some people, users like me, only read the first 20 or so posts when trying to look for data or for assisting. So, a repost may help a bit…


P.S. Just some ideas…