Output The Camera data through HDMI : beaglebone Black.

Hi All,

I am trying to interface the newly shipped camera cape with Beaglebone Black. I have few queries as below :

  1. As mentioned in the use manual this cape can be plugged in beaglebone black along with LCD cape or DVI cape. But i dont have either of them. Can i output the date by connecting the HDMI cable ?

will this possible to view the data through HDMI ?

Need some guidence to capture the frame ?

what additional work i ahve to do other than driver bring up to store the image in SD card ?

System Info :

Beaglebone Black : Rev A5C

Camera Cape : HD camera Cape for Beagle Bone Rev 01

Distributor : Radium Boards . VVDN technologies.

Linux Kernek : 3.8

Thanks in advance !!!