Overlay -- set GPIO initial value

I’m creating my first device tree overlay for the PocketBeagle intending to setup the I/O pins the way I need them without having to run an additional script to set things up. I’m using this as a template:https://github.com/jadonk/validation-scripts/blob/master/test-capemgr/pinctrl-test-0.dts

Is it possible in the device tree overlay to not only set the mux setting, but also set the pin initial value? For example, if I set a GPIO as an output, can I also set that output hi?


model it as a gpio-led, which has a default state..



That’s interesting! I can't say that I perfectly understand all this. It seems that mastery (or at least competence) with the device tree takes a lot of time. I'm going to play with that example and see how it works. Thanks!