P8 and P9 Header ribbon cable and connectors?

Hi All

I want to attach both the P8 and P9 headers to ribbon cables and connect these to a separate PCB (Through hole on a vero board actually)
I’m intending to get 2 female connectors (with through-hole pins…for the vero board), ribbon cable, 4 male connectors.

The array of connectors available is bewildering to me. So this question may or may not be expert – but

probably is not something a beginner wants to do.

Question 1.

Are these headers 2.54 mm on the pins, and 1.27 mm pitch on the rows?

Qestion 2. can you point me towards a supplier with a decent searchable range of these things that would suit, or

better still recommend a range of connectors to suit?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards


The connectors are 2.54 spaced pin to pin and 2.54 spaced from row to row.


I do not know of any 46 pin ribbon male ribbon cables, but I have not really spent anytime looking for them.


Thanks Gerald,

I trawled through digikey for about an hour and could not get what I wanted – so I gave
up. I’ll just use individ8ual pins.