P8/P9 pin # to cape eprom address mapping question

I have 3 questions about the EPROM entries for pin Usage.

The BBB SRM (pg 87) says that there are eprom entries for 74 pins on the expansion connectors.
OK, I figure we have two connectors (P8 & P9); so 2x46 = 92, but we’d only be setting pin usage info for digital signals…

Here is what I think comprises the “74” digital signals:
92 pins

  • 2 for P8 1&2 (gnds)
  • 8 for P9 1-8 (power rails)
  • 4 for P9 43-46 (gnds)
  • 2 for P9 32, 34 (analog pwr & gnd)
  • 1 for P9 9 (pwr_but) – this is a guess
  • 1 for P9 10 (sys_reset) – this is a guess

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I found the additional table in the SRM that answers my questions.
I should have known that Gerald would not have left that mapping out… :wink:

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