P9_31 with PRU0 conflicts?

I am using a BeagleBone Black Wireless and have been successfully using the PRU to read AD and turn some valves and pumps on and off. I needed one more GPIO line on P9 and was down to using P9_31 which I believe is supported for the PRU as PRUOUT. I’m writing in C and the code turns the LED connected to this line on just fine. But I’m losing wi-fi during the initial testing and can’t get it back.

Is there some conflict between this pin and wi-fi? I haven’t found anything documented about it but I probably don’t know everywhere I should look either.

Is P9_31 in fact compatible with PRU0? Table 13 in SRM Rev C.1 appears to indicate that it is. However in prugpio.h P9_31 appears to be indicated as working with PRU1. Which is it?

Just fyi as I close this, I have confirmed using code from

that I can use P9_31 with PRU0.

However, I am still having trouble which I will post in a new thread.