A strange problem is detected with accessing, and

What is the problem?
If you access the above mentioned URLs as, and then you get a dialogue box asking you to save the file.
The problem happens only when you are accessing root level URLs (meaning the URLs mentioned above).
The issue happens on certain machines. Yet certain other machines don’t see the problem.
If you are accessing the above mentioned sites with extra paths added to the URL then you don’t see the issue, you get the content fine.

What is the work-around?
As a work-around you can access the above mentioned Root level URLs as below:
You can navigate to any content you want once the content is served to you by accessing the above mentioned work-around.

What is the final solution?
We would need to take the server down for maintenance and work on it.
We will schedule a down-time in a day or two and let you know in advance.
We tried various solutions to fix the problem but unfortunately it needs a downtime.
Apologize for the inconvenience.
Please stay tuned for more on this.

Please contact if you have any questions/ concerns/ suggestions or thoughts.

Thank you for your patience while we fix the problem.

OMAP Admin Team