Pandora on Beaglebone black

Hi, I have a Beaglebone black leftover from another project. My lovely wife listens to Pandor thru Amazon Alexa and it is spotty and difficult to get it to play thru the stereo in the same room as another Alexa device. Aniversary (28yrs) coming up next week and I thought I would build a dedicated Pandora box for her permanently attached to the stereo. At first I tried building a complete desktop using Deb and LXDE. It runs but the browser is too slow to support any real work. I then found VolumIO and Pianobar. I’ve screwed around with both and ca’t get them to boot (Volumio) and compile (Pianobar). I assume I am using new versions of the code having downloaded
AM335x 11.7 2023-09-02 4GB microSD IoT
from the BB site. I also tried a version of Ubuntu and at least two other versions of Deb without any luck. I have a small HDMI display that works with Deb+LXDE. I’ve looked around quite a bit, and need just a little hint as to 1) is it possible? and 2) are there instructions around?



Well, after a great deal of screwing around, days of it, I downloaded “bone-debian-10.3-iot-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img” and just ran apt-get install pianobar. Worked perfectly. I had audio issues as I only had an HDMI display attached and the audio was limited to one channel, I guess the front channel. I then messed with that for 4 or 5 hours and found the alsactl nrestore command that rebuilt the alsa config files, I assume. I had by that time attached a Behringer UM2 USB audio adapter, cheap but it has a powerful headphone amp in it. Pandora sounds really good with this setup - no pauses, crackles, etc, no dropouts as we’ve had with Alexa. I am using a 7" HDMI touchscreen display ($55 on Amazon) but we can control it with ssh and I thought it had a webserver in it but I haven’t seen that work yet, I could be mistaken. But this setup solved a lot of problems and costs very little, given I had the BBB, add the display and the Behringer though I had it, is only $59. Yes, it costs more than a used laptop, but this setup is compact and will be integrated into a small wooden box. I’ll have to figure out a touch screen setup to select the channels, but Pianobar has some formatting that might work.

Anyway, thanks for looking.


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