Partitioning the eMMC during microSD to eMMC fashing

beagle-flasher structure is a little new for me. Is there a comprehensive readme for it anywhere?

I am trying to setup the a beaglebone with 2 partitions during copy from microSD card to eMMC.

  1. root partition - ext4 - 2.2GB
  2. user partition - ext4 - remaining 1.3GB

Is there an easy method to do this with beagle-flasher?

The reason I want to make 2 partitions is to make the root partition read-only to ensure that it does not corrupt on power-outage. I am making the root partition read-only from the /etc/fstab during boot.

Thanks for the help in advance.

There is a preinstalled package called overlayroot which allows this functionally, otherwise with some patches that should be doable.

Thanks for the the quick reply.
I understand the overlayroot package and its use for making an overlay partition for the root fs.
I would still like to figure out how to partition the eMMC during the eMMC flashing process if it is possible.
Also where does the beagle-flasher repository get pulled in from? only during running the omap-builder or can it be updated after the OS is made.

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Here you go… arm32/usr/sbin/beagle-flasher · master · / usr-customizations · GitLab

it get’s pulled in thru the our apt package: bb-beagle-flasher so easily to update…

For arm64/BeaglePlay, i’ve updated it too add a swap partition… some of those ideas can be used in the arm32 script to expand another partition…

arm32: default path: arm32/usr/sbin/beagle-flasher · master · / usr-customizations · GitLab

arm64: with 3rd swap partition: arm64/usr/sbin/beagle-flasher · master · / usr-customizations · GitLab


Hi Robert,
Thanks for the pointers.
I have been able to successfully add a partition to the eMMC during initial flashing.
Best Regards,