[PATCH] add support for AM572x in the DDX

Signed-off-by: Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>

Sorry Emil,

underneath this is omapdrm + PowerVR, so i should have prefixed it as:


We are all excited about the CodeAurora/QCom guys contributions. :wink: I
make sure to point that out daily in my imgtec dealings. :wink:


Hi Rob,

The version i posted today has the "has_dmm" change merged in, which
other then the README update is the only change I made.

static inline Bool has_dmm(OMAPPtr pOMAP)
- return pOMAP->chipset >= 0x4430;
+ return pOMAP->chipset >= 0x4430 || pOMAP->chipset == 0x0752;

Haven't really heard back from TI about all the other random changes
they made to their fork of your xf86-video-omap tree:



gotcha, well I've pushed your patch. I don't really have the hw
unpacked and setup to test these days, but if someone confirm latest
master is good then I suppose I should spin a release tag for distro's
to pick up..

Thanks Rob!

I'll test and re-confirm on my x15 alpha board when i'm back in the
lab on monday.