patch for android-2.6.29 to work on devkit 8000 board

Hi guys,

This is a patch to make android-2.6.29 from embinux to work with devkit 8000 board. The android file system is built from the same build from embinux.
As embest ships only the prebuilt image for android, this may help all of you. This has support for ethernet and mic-in, DSS.

Also,please do review of the patch files.

the original kernel is taken from,

repo init -u git://

After applying the patches from attachment, we need to enable “[*] Support for Devkit 8000 Board,Clone of OMAP3 Beagle” in addition to “OMAP3 BEAGLE BOARD” in the machine setup configuration.

after compiling the kernel, these things are tested,

  1. Basic Kernel booting up and Busybox filesytem, system up and running.
  2. MMC Card
  3. USB OTG as device and host mode(4-5 pin shorted). in host mode, connected to usb hub, tested the keyboard via evtest and android.
  4. Audio out and Audio in (MIC -in) tested via arecord and aplay.
  5. Using DSS2, tested the display on s-video interface via android running.
    boot args → console=ttyS2,115200n8 noinitrd root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 omapdss.def_disp=tv omapfb.mode=“tv:ntsc” omapfb.vram=“1:4M,2:4M” init=/init rootfstype=ext3 rw rootdelay=1 nohz=off
  6. Ethernet Interface


  1. the u-boot used in devkit board is the default which is given by embest. (no need to change the u-boot, u can use this itself)
  2. the files changed,
    a) arch/arm/mach-omap2/Kconfig
    b) arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c
    c) arch/arm/boot/compressed/Makefile
    d) drivers/net/dm9000.c
    e) sound/soc/codecs/twl4030.c
  3. new file added,
    a) arch/arm/boot/compressed/head-omap3.S
  4. The option “Support for Devkit 8000 Board,Clone of OMAP3 Beagle” can be disabled if it is for the beagle board.

guys, thanks for providing this opportunity to me.

Thanks and Regards,

android-2.6.29-devkit.tar.bz2 (3.44 KB)

Good work HarishKumar,

The provided BSP is quite thin on drivers and you've hit the sweetspot
You could write a page on eLinux for this guide, it will be very
helpfull to everyone that wants to have a new Android release with

(if you could just do the same good work for patch definition and
recipe for Angstrom it would be great)


Thank you very much for this.


Can same thing be done for angstrom V2.6.29.
I am ready to do it.
Just let me know the guidelines.
Also I tried to change some things in OE latest kernel bur unable to
boot the kernel.
Specifically I tried to ingnore mach-type in omap-head.S; but didn't
So please let me know some guiding pointer and I would like to do
similar kind of work for devkit with angstrom kernel.

Thanks and regards,


Finally I was able to boot angstrom kernel on devkit with the help of provided patches.
I was able to get Ethernet also.
But there’s some problem with sound which I think may be because of TWL.
So will u please provide some guiding pointer regarding the same ?

Thanks and regards,

2009/8/3 OM <>

How did you get it to boot?
With the patches it always stops after
Uncompressing Linux. done, booting the kernel.



u may have to check the twl4030 codec section.

generally, it should work, unless angstorm had some different, i used android-2.6.29 for beagle from embinux.

Thanks and Regards,

2009/8/4 omkar Savagaonkar <>

Hi Jasper,

What patches are you talking about ?
I have used patches provided by Harishkumar V.
He has done it for Android kernel but can be easily modified to apply to angstrom one.
Important thing required to boot is head-omap3.S file and Kconfig.patch.
Of course after applying Kconfig.patch you need to do menuconfig for enabling devkit support.
Which will assemble and link head-omap3.o in head.o.

With this minimal things it should boot up.

Hey Harishkumar,
Thanks for your patches.
It worked for me without failure at first time.
But I don’t know that has gone wrong with audio.
My current kernel version is 2.6.29-r35.
Audio is not even working for beagle board.
Do u have faced any issue on beagle with same kernel ?
Or otherwise something must have gone wrong at my end.

Thanks and regards,

2009/8/4 Harishkumar V <>


I suggest u to load original angstorm kernel uImage and check audio out and line-in in beagle board.

Once it works. We can check the same for devkit8000 board with the uImage shipped by embest. In devkit8000, there is no line-in, we have mic-in.

Then, we can go ahead in using ur patched kernel.

When u using the patched kernel for beagle board, u need to disable “devkit option”. It should be enabled only for devkit8000 board.

Thanks and Regards,

2009/8/4 omkar Savagaonkar <>

Hey finally I was able to get audio with alsamixer util.
DK8K uses PreDrive for audio output (which was mute).
So with alsa mixer I managed to increase gain.
But I am observing kernel crash in this.
And I guess it crashes without enabling audio also.
So have u observed crash with MM playback ?
I am using default mplayer with file looping option.

Thanks and regards,

2009/8/5 Harishkumar V <>

Would you tell more detail on the steps of how to enable "[*] Support
for Devkit 8000 Board,Clone of OMAP3 Beagle "and where is the machine
setup configuration file located?



May be i am missing something, How do i generate a uImage to put on
the SD card?