Patching Kernels from Linux to Linux/Kernels 4.19.x-r(N)


I have been doing some research. I find that, and please inform me if I am wrong, there is no way to move up an entire -r(N) value for now or ever. W/ this in mind, where would I apply a patch that is listed?


P.S. I understand the patchwork on built kernels but not on the images, i.e. as the /usr/src/linux is not put at that file. I was trying to put in a -rt- kernel into the mix via patch but no go so far. Is this possible w/ the current configurations or is this just a thing of the past for the older model kernels in the images listed?


  1. Building for embedded Linux takes time, effort, and a knack for failure and resiliency is mandatory.
  2. I built an image. No clue as to what is on it b/c I cannot boot it (yet).
  3. I have an idea…
    a. Is there a particular u-boot variant that is susceptible to leisure and not strict rules?
    b. I am asking b/c sometimes the builds are awesome and other times, it seems difficult/trying on the senses.
    c. is aufs a thing for anyone in this group/community?

RT versions of many kernel branches shown here:

aufs - historically biggest user was docker.


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Hello @RobertCNelson ,

long time, no see. I have been busy trying to build the kernel they provide for no reason whatsoever. I could not get the BBB to boot w/ their kernel even though they carry the kernel.

aufs is something completely new to me. I cannot wait to learn more! I am a hound for knowledge (so the euphemism goes).


P.S. Thank you for replying. Another build, um, yes I will! Continuation in genres rule!