People, U-boot, and Capes!


Seth here. I know people are witnessing things change (as always and esp. in libraries). But…

This time it is u-boot and Cape functionality:

See the link for ideas. There has been three updated links, one listed, and two which can be found in the link listed.


P.S. U-boot now has a way to account for Capes within u-boot!

Given that part of this has to do with the pins, when the BBAI gets respun can we please do something about the PRU pinout on P9?

The PRU on the BBB has 8 pins on one PRU unit (pr1_pru0). The BBAI has those same pins scattered between pr1_pru1 and pr2_pru1.

I could kind of understand if the issue was ball reuse. However, there are other pr1_pru1 and pr2_pru1 pins pinned out to the connectors.

Not actually putting 8 PRU pins from the same unit on the BBAI pins just like the BBB has 8 PRU pins on the same PRU unit is just an infuriating incompatibility.

I realize you can’t change the pinout now. However, if we could use the Sheet 14 trick to double/triple pin things so that we get a single PRU unit on the same single PRU unit pins as the BBB, that would be just ducky.

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