Permission Problems

I’m using the Ubuntu 13.04 image. Most development is going well. However, I’ve run into an error that I can’t shake. Namely, I can’t run the command “echo {pin#} > /sys/class/gpio/export”, with or without sudo. In order to do it at all, I have to first “sudo su”. This didn’t used to be the case and I’m not sure what caused it to be. I’m afraid that this is more of a symptom of problems with the fs.

I did see the following in the dmesg, but am unsure if it’s related.

[9.595893] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro

Any idea what’s up?

I decided to “reset” the bone by applying the image again.

Yet, it’s still the case that I can’t echo or sudo echo without hitting a Permission Denied error. I also can’t run i2cdetect without sudo (with sudo, it works).

Well, unless you switch to root (sudo su), if you want to echo
something, somewhere with root privileges issue:

sudo sh -c "echo something > somewhere"


… But it used to work. I was doing both of these commands without sudo until recently. I can’t tell what changed.

"it used to work"...

lol, shakes head... No, it did not in ubuntu/debian as a 'normal' user
without 'special' permissions...