PHP5 pre-installed

Hi All,

I have a doubt on how to package the php5 within the SD card image created to load in Beagle Bone Black.

I have been following the instruction on to get the micro SD card image. I use the default Debian 8 for the Root File System. Debian 8 doesn’t come with PHP pre-installed. Could I get some instructions how to bundle the php so that when I load the SD card image I should see the php5 installed.



$ dpkg -l | grep <package_name> /* check if <package_name> is installed */

$ apt-cache search <package_name> /* check if <package_name> exists in the package repo */

$ sudo apt-get install <package_name> /* install existing package <package_name> */


I wanted to get an SD card image pre installed with php before I insert the card into BBB. The command you have provided is to get the php after loading the SD into BBB.

I am able to install the php package after I load the sd card in the BBB and then do the command ‘sudo apt-get install php5’. What I wanted is the RFS should be bundled with PHP package.



Ok so try this . . .

$ sudo apt-get install php5

$ sudo halt

Remove sdcard BAM php5 pre-installed.

You’re otherwise not making your goal very clear.

Sorry, I forgot the magic hand waving part, but you get the picture.


Now if you mean you want a base rootfs like Robert minimal or bare rootfs’s, you can do that with debootstrap, but trust me you’ll not be able to easily get them as small as Robert does, and knowing how to use debootstrap and related tools is not exactly a trivial matter. So, seriously . . .

$ sudo apt-get install php5

$ sudo halt

remove sdcard and place into a Linux development machine ( i386 / i386-64 )

$ lsblk /* to find the sdcard path*/

then either use dd to make a whole disk backup including the bootloaders. Or use tar to just backup the rootfs.

Remove scard from PC development system magic hand waving back and forth over top of sdcard Ala kazam!

Hi Williams,

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted a base rootfs (which has php installed )like Robert but I understand it takes lot of effort.

Can you confirm what I understand is correct from your mail:

  1. Install the PHP5 in BBB

  2. Remove the sdcard and insert into PC and backup the rootfs which will have php installed and use that rootfs for creating image further.

Is this correct. This should work for me.