Hi everyone,

  We are testing the first version of the LOX expansion board for the
BeagleBoard-xM now! :slight_smile: So far, everything is working wonderfully. :slight_smile: You can
find out more about LOX and what we are doing at http://www.picklejar.org - a
tw0-way radio interface for up to 2 (any combination) simplex or repeater
nodes. This includes Amateur (Ham) Radio and other services.



I just bought 1 beagle board and 1 LOX board to try Pickle Linux on it and build a repeater controller with a FT-8900R .
I never before have used asterik and I don´t find the configuration manual for app_rpt in pickle…Want you to help me?

Please go to http://ohnosec.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/app_rpt-users and
join the apt_rpt_users list. This is a much better place to ask for this kind
of help. :slight_smile: This is also for support of the PICO NODE.