pico-sd-ext3.tar.bz2 for Pico DLP not avaiable

Dear All,

I bought one BeagleBoard with one Pico DLP projector to learn a little
bit about Structured Illumination. But when I tried to download the SD
partition Images I can not found the "pico-sd-ext3.tar.bz2" all the
links on www.beagleboard.org/pico are broken and Google can not found
this file.

I also tried the latest Angstrom Distribution and it works well on the
beagleboard but I can not use the bus3-i2c well. And I can not send
any I2C command to my Pico Projector.

Have anybody of you this file? Or can you said to me how I can send
I2C command with the latest Angstrom Distribuiton?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best Regards from Spain!


Hi - sorry for grave-digging here, but I’m trying to find these images for my Rev5-Beagleboard+Pico DLP (v1) setup, which has had its SD card removed and thus needs me to build another … but I can’t find these demo files anywhere. My Pico is exhibiting ‘noise-rot’, so I was hoping to find these demo files again so I could reset the hardware to its last-known working state, alas …

Anyone care to send these files to me? If so, please contact me off-list and I would be very grateful … thanks!