Piece of Cake: Let's do this once and for all : embedded collaboration (starting with porting TI EVMAM572x to BBAI)

Hi Team,
As you know BBAI and most other beagle board org SBCs use some form of texas instrument SOCs. for example, BBAI uses AM5729. You also know that the texas instrument, despite providing a powerful SDK for RTOS and bare-metal, does not officially support BBAI inside CCS. This is however something that can be achieved as TI has documentation about porting to a custom board and making gel files and etc (still not a piece of cake). I’m determined to do that starting with BBAI, but I’ve only played around with it for a couple of weeks and can really use your help, especially those that have more experience with this device and TI in general. If you want to be part of this, comment here and we can get connected and make it happen. The goal is to create good documentation and tutorials on how to write (low-level bare-metal or RTOS) code in CCS and program our BBAI (and later, other BB boards and we won’t stop there). I’m sure many people here or outside the beagle board forum, have done this but there is not a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial like high-level programming that others use. it’s about time we embedded developers come together and provide and share that experience, documentation, and all the tricks and workarounds that we spend days/weeks/months trying to figure out with each other. I hope this post gets some interest. I think being able to use linux on our SBCs is great, but we should not stop there, and we should be able to program our devices the way we want. Comment here if you agree or have suggestions and we can make embedded development education available for everyone, starting with beagle board org SBCs. I named this collaboration Piece of Cake, and we can use that at the beginning of our titles to refer to the discussions around the same problem. I really hope I hear from you guys and that we can collaborate with each other.

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Hello There @Amir_Safaei ,

I am Seth. I am very slow to learn or grasp ideas but I have been using the BBB or other related family boards from beagleboard.org for a bit.

Myself, and I am speaking from my perspective, has not been too busy dealing with building things that actually work. One fault I see is this…

  1. I know too little.

and…another one here:

  1. The books I read now are not solely dedicated to the BBB or other related boards.

I think building is great. I love Linux and to figure out new, exciting ways to build upon it and all around beagleboard.org would be nice.

With that stated, I cannot join you. Well, maybe not. I am not sure yet.

a. what can we offer each other?
b. how could we benefit each other during our buildings?

I have a bunch of questions on how the both of us can accept each other while building around the BBAI, BBB, and BBAI-64.

I mean…baremetal would be awesome to do. I have not done it yet. I am not even completely sure I know what it is exactly. But! I am willing to learn more and not stop.


P.S. I am not affiliated w/ the beagleboard.org people all that well and TI is out of the question for me. I know exactly no one at TI right now. But! If you and I and anyone else for that matter want to build around the BBAI and port it to CCS for Windows (No) or Linux (Yes), I think starting it again and again until completion w/ docs. would be beneficial for someone.

With all that said there (sort of cleanly hopefully), I think the .org is in charge of their boards. It is really hard to build around their boards since they are business, although a charity really, that demands their needs before other needs (sometimes and not all the time). I say that b/c the business of this .org thinks that using and building Open Source/Open Hardware around Linux is a good thing. I am w/ that really. I just do not think we would get permission.

The permission would need to be granted and I do not have that power to gain acceptance or get granted permissions.

Hello Again @Amir_Safaei ,

Seth here once more.

I think I typed all that b/c I am not in control of what the .org does w/ their builds, boards, or the specifics per processors and co-processors. Making a board and creating TI and specific processor usage would be neat.

First, I think you and I or us two need to get the permissions of the greater good for the builds to take place. And who knows? It may not be something they all want currently.


P.S. It is worth a short shot and some tries. I am in!