Pin map spreadsheet for X15

Hi there - can anyone help me locate the pin map spreadsheet for the X15 expansion headers (P16-P19)? Page 84 of the BeagleBoard X15 System Reference Manual suggests that this can be found on the X15 Support Wiki...

...but I'm unable to find any links or references. All I can find is the schematic on page 27 of BEAGLEBOARD_X15_REV_B1.pdf

I have some experience with BBB but none yet with the X15 so I'm currently assuming that something like the SPI bus is accessible via GPIO pins set in some mode or other. I'm just having difficulty getting this information.


No idea if there's an official pin spreadsheet, but I do have one myself
that may be of use:

It's mostly generically about the AM572x SoC, but the "Pins" sheet has a
column showing how each pin is used on the x15 and there's a filter view
(menu Data -> Filter views -> BB-X15 Expansion) that shows just pins
accessible via the expansion headers P16-P19 and sorts by expansion header
pin number.

These are just my personal notes. I don't have an X15 myself (yet) so I
haven't checked this spreadsheet particularly thoroughly for mistakes.


Wow - very comprehensive! Thanks for sharing, Matthijs.

Thank you so much for sharing. This is a lot of work to put together. If I may ask what did you use as your source( s )