PIN Problems interfacing Audio Codec + Bluetooth Audio to BBB


i have some serious trouble building a custom cape that has Audio (MIC) and Bluetooth (Audio) functionality - maybe one that has some experience in MCASP interfacing can help:

As already mentioned, i want to connect an audio codec (TLV320AIC3104) and Bluetooth Module (CC2564MODA - which is similar to the chip used on BBG but without wifi) to my BBB.

First of all, the only possibility i see is to use MCASP0 to interface the audio codec and MCASP1 to interface bluetooth audio. I don’t think that both chips can be interfaced by one MCASP!?

My problem is a collision in pinout for PIN GPIO3_21 (mcasp0_ahclkx) as follows:


Codec BBB PIN BBB Name Signal
MCLK P9_25 GPIO3_21 mcasp0_ahclkx
BCLK P9_31 SPI1_SCLK mcasp0_aclkx
WCLK P9_29 SPI1_D0 mcasp0_fsx
DIN P9_28 SPI1_CS0 mcasp0_axr2
DOUT P9_30 SPI1_D1 mcasp0_axr0


Codec BBB PIN BBB Name Signal
BCLK P9_42B GPIO3_18 mcasp1_aclkx
WCLK P9_27 GPIO3_19 mcasp1_fsx
DIN P9_41B GPIO3_20 mcasp1_axr0
DOUT P9_25 GPIO3_21 mcasp1_axr1

Unfortunately i can’t switch to another mcasp1_axr instead of axr1 because they are all blocked by the MII signals. Muxing mcasp0_ahclkx to another pin is also impossible because of my design. So i was wondering why mcasp0_ahclkx is used as MCLK for TLV320 in some designs (eg. BB-BLACK-AUDI-02) and why sometimes a 12MHz Oscillator is connected to MCLK instead.

My question is: Do i really have to use mcasp0_ahclkx → MCLK to make TLV320AIC3104 working on BBB or is it also possible with Oscillator 12MHz → MCLK (which means P9_25 is not required for TLV320 and can be used for the bluetooth module)?

Thank you very much for your answers!