Pin Usage in SRM

In the SRM in table 14, it says under “Pin Usage” that:

Bit 15…Pin is used or not…0=Unused by cape 1=Used by cape
Bit 14-13…Pin Direction…1 0=Output 01=Input 11=BDIR
Bits 12-7…Reserved…should be all zeros

but in the next section, 8.2.5, it says bits 14-7 are reserved.

Which is correct?

Well, considering none of this is being used by the SW, take your pick and I will change it to whatever you like.


Bits 15, and 6:0 are used by SW though, correct? It’s just bits 14:13 you’re saying aren’t used by SW?

On a related note, and forgive me if it’s a silly question… but does having the eeprom programmed with this table mean that it’s not necessary to create a *.dtbo file?

Thanks Gerald,


All the SW uses is the name of the board and maybe the revision. None of the other stuff ever got implemented.


Ok, good to know!
Thank you :slight_smile:

I do have a request (or, a suggestion) for the SRM though:
In “Figure 55. Expansion Board EEPROM Write Protect”, could you put the pull-up resistors on the I2C0_SCL and I2C0_SDA signals as they are in Figure 54? So that when idiots like myself do a direct copy into a schematic, they don’t send the design off to the PCB house without them pulled up? Yes, I actually did this… bashes head on keyboard


I will take it under consideration