Pinging to is unsuccessful after flashing to Debian 7.9 onwards

Hi all,

Just wanna say hi to everyone in the Beaglebone community!
It’s a pleasure to be part of the community of the hobby amongst the hobbists.

I would like to share my encounter with all out there who might also experienced the same issue.

After flashing the eMMC memory with the latest Debian image, pinging or ssh-ing to the default is not possible.
I have a feeling there might be a workaround this by setting some parameters in certain files somewhere. Thing is, I am not sure where.

I have been scouring through the internet with no avail.
As such, I am currently downgraded to Debian 7.8 for now until a workaround can be used to circumvent this.

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Please state the "exact" file name you used that failed..