Pins for LiPo Battery

Which pins may be used to connect a lipo battery to the BeagleBone Black Wireless?

the system reference manual has most of that info:

except that on black wireless's (at least on ours which have
board id A335BNLT and version BWA5) they're labelled differently:
tp2 BAT, tp3 SENSE, tp4 TEMP and tp5 GND

you'll have to solder in connectors or headers for those four pins, but
at least they're through-hole (not like on the bbb enhanced...).

there's another small gotcha: neither wifi nor bluetooth are powered
when you're on battery. see the discussion
at which, taken together with
the schematics for the black wireless at
will tell you about diode d2 which is the cause for that and which is
deliberately left unpopulated.

besides that the builtin power supply magic offered by the TPS65217 pmic
is lovely; we use this here with a supercap (and some passive components) as
a little ups to shutdown safely on power loss.