platformIO IDE & beaglebone black


I would like to know if someone know how to use the new IDE platformIO :


I found this:

Looks like one would have to hack an R-Pi manifest for BBB... and
likely some more, since no beagles appear in
(but they do have the TIVA C123 microcontroller board).

  Off hand, most of the boards supported are microcontrollers compatible
with the Arduino build environment and API -- only about 8 boards are
running an actual OS... And of those the R-Pi "Linux ARM" is using the
WiringPi [Arduino look-alike API] framework for building while the Samsung
are using the ARTIK SDK.

  The biggest killer is likely from the documentation itself...

How does it work?

Without going too deep into PlatformIO implementation details, work cycle
of the project developed using PlatformIO is as follows:

    Users choose board(s) interested in “platformio.ini” (Project
Configuration File)
    Based on this list of boards, PlatformIO downloads required toolchains
and installs them automatically.
    Users develop code and PlatformIO makes sure that it is compiled,
prepared and uploaded to all the boards of interest.

  Note the sentence starting "Based on..."

So for BBB, one is looking for some downloadable cross-development
toolchain for Linux ARM -- considering the hassle to set up a cross
compiler in Debian x86 for Debian ARM (per the Molloy book) I wouldn't even
want to consider this under Windows. Maybe the R-Pi toolchain would be
compatible though I suspect some of the libraries aren't...
(toolchain-gccarmlinuxgnueabi) but you need some API for the GPIO (and
other devices).

  FYI: the author of WiringPi is throwing in the towel
I will make a final release of wiringPi available soon – with the sources,
but that’s that. No more public releases. I’ll still be maintaining it for
my own uses and clients, but for everyone else, please look at for
alternative GPIO library for on-going projects.

-Gordon, August, 2019.