Play audio/video in the background.


How do I go about playing audio/video in the background?

The idea is to trigger the player then go deal with other I/O tasks.

Pointers appreciated.


I think you'll want to be a little more specific.

Linux is a multi-tasking os, so you could start your player and your
other applications would continue to run.

Are you asking about how to do that if you start your player from a c
application? It should be possible to start the player via fork() and
exec() so your c application can continue to run.

Are you asking how to get the system to respond well even with the
high load of video/audio playback?


Wiki and or Google: systemd and see if that gives you any ideas.

The idea is to have a responsive daemon that will allow me to start/stop/resume audio/video playing while the other parts of the app are busy dealing with I/O etc.

All the players I found are interactive and does not daemonizeā€¦



Have a look at daemontools and mpg123:

Maybe for video you can do something similar;)